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Student Counseling

Achieving college scholarship
success at the school
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Parent Tips

What parents need to
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Professional College Financial Planning Services

There is currently $198 billion available in financial aid and tax relief to help families pay for college.

We are here to help families minimize the time, energy, and stress associated with the financial aid process, which is time-consuming, overwhelming, and full of potential for mistakes which can cost thousands in lost aid.

Stuart Grossman

President of College Funding Systems

“At College Funding Systems, our goal is to make the financial aid process simple and effective so that you can make important financial decisions regarding your family’s education. We know the inside track that will help you secure financial aid, choose the right college, and prepare your student for success.

By using professional college financial aid planners, you avoid the many pitfalls that can cost you thousands of dollars down the road or may cost your child a quality education”

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