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Aaron Alteneder

Student Counselor

Hello, Aaron Alteneder here. I am a lifetime resident of Spokane, WA and a graduate of Eastern Washington University where I received my bachelor’s degree in math education. I have 18 years of successful teaching experience at the high school level. I am also currently a high school coach at both West Valley High School and University High School and run both a basketball and tennis academy. I have spent time as a trained paid college scout and founded a national high school sports organization. Over the course of 11 years we recruited, invited, and took over 8,000 high school juniors to USA national sports championship events in Hawaii. These student athletes were from all 50 states, Canada, and Australia.

College Funding Systems is truly a powerful and unique organization. Our organization’s knowledge of the college process – from high school through undergrad – and how to strategize every step of the process to benefit the student and their family, is without equal. Until I found CFS, I had never dreamed that it was even possible that my family’s “out of pocket cost” could be less at a private college than a public college!!

With four children of my own, I have experienced firsthand the resources for college funding generally available to high school students and their parents. My family has had great luck in seeking and finding help from high school student counselors in the basics, such as registering for the correct high school classes, and learning about upcoming testing dates, etc. However, finding the perfect match for our family’s specific college situation in terms of finding the best school fit, maximizing financial aid, scholarships, grants, and resolving tax issues, and ultimately saving thousands of dollars over the course of college was not a part of that process. It is what College Funding Systems does, are experts in, and where they thrive! Finding the right college and how-to best fund that choice is an enormous relief for parents like myself.

In summary, the most important decision you the parent can make regarding your high school student’s college future are school selection and how to pay for college. Both should be guided by an expert in the field. It will be the most cost-effective decision and will also provide your student the greatest chance to excel going forward. I so look forward to being a part of your student’s “high school to college” journey here at College Funding Systems. I love the idea of helping families pursue their students dreams of college and future careers with the most customized information and action available. There is great comfort in knowing the most important parental decision going forward is being guided by an expert who cares just as much about your student’s future as you do!

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