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College Funding Testimonials

What folks have to say about College Funding Systems

Paul Singleton

Director of Retirees NALC Letter Carriers Branch 442
Spokane, WA

"Fall is here and your youngest daughter comes to you and says, "Can you help me complete my FAFSA application?", panic sets in and then you realize that you are a client of College Funding Systems located in Spokane, WA. I picked up the phone and got scheduled right away with Chris Gray who is an associate advisor for CFS. Appointment time came and I'm in his office going over financial date held in my folder on my lap. Chris seamlessly guided me through the questions and answers I needed to complete the FAFSA.

Upon arriving home under his leadership I obtained the missing pieces to our college FAFSA puzzle and got on line with their convenient website and added the pieces to the FAFSA. I dropped off hard copies of things to Chris along with a phone call from him and guess what, CFS and Chris Gray had guided me through the obstacle course and I wasn't stressed out and I could report to my daughter that CFS had come through for us and the FAFSA was on its way.

If you want to avoid the stress related with the FAFSA and other college funding mysteries, then give Chris Gray a call at College Funding Systems-You'll be glad you did. Their motto is true, "Proudly Helping Students Pursue Their Educational and Career Goals"."

Kathryn Foss

Sales Rep
Tukwila, WA

"Before working with College Funding Systems, I was nervous about how to pay for college for my daughters. I attended their workshop, and was sold on their College Planning process! There were so many parents with similar concerns as mine, and I left that night feeling that I was not alone, and that they would be able to get us on the right financial path!

Within the first two to three months of getting enrolled in the program, I had many conversations with Chris Gray, and the staff at College Funding Systems, and they took the frustrations I had with how to make this process work for me and turned it around with knowledgeable help, guidance, literature, helpful books etc. They saved my sanity!

I'm so glad we have been working with College Funding Systems, because today our family’s life is no longer financially a mess. The FAFSA no longer is a daunting chore. We know how to make the process work for us. My oldest daughter just graduated from WSU and my youngest is set up for the next 4 years at college with the supportive help of Chris and his awesome staff. They are only a quick call or email away when I have questions. I highly recommend their service!!"

Katie Kladar

Hayden, Idaho

"Working with Chris at College Funding Systems has taken away the stress and frustration of filing the required annual FAFSA forms. It's such a relief knowing it will be taken care of every year for all 5 of our children. Having this piece of mind is worth every penny. Also, working with the college advisor, Kathy, was very helpful. I frequently recommend College Funding Systems to friends."

Jenny and Donny Gochanour

Whidbey Island, WA

"We are so grateful to Stuart Grossman and his College Funding Systems team! They were tremendously helpful to us in organizing our financial situation and planning for the future, both college expenses and beyond. By helping us prioritize and budget, we were able to increase the amount of money we put away for college expenses. Besides financial strategies and advice, CFS provided excellent SAT preparation resources, student career counseling, and financial aid projections relative to average students at the colleges on our daughter's list of options. CFS's weekly "Tip of the Week" emails and informative webinars were also wonderful resources, especially for those of us going through this college process for the first time. Their advice with the FAFSA process also made the daunting paperwork a little less stressful and kept us on track with timely reminders of FAFSA due dates. The CFS team is knowledgeable, informative, and helpful, and their clear and valuable specialty is helping families through the college financial planning process."

Lorraine Shaw & Paul Giacomini

Bookkeeper, Warehouse worker
Spokane, WA

"Our family was intimidated by the college enrollment process. The high school was giving very little help, if any.

With the help of Chris and College Funding Systems, the entire process was made simple and easy to understand. There was someone there to guide us and answer our questions. Having tools to walk us through the FAFSA information and submit it on our behalf PERFECTLY was a HUGE help. Chris is very good at giving us clear financial options and helping us to make the right decisions for our situation. We felt very little stress in the entire college application and funding process.

We are very confident in the decisions we have made and continue to make with Chris's help. Compared to the cost of college, the investment in College Funding Systems is more than worth it. Money well spent. We feel as if we have gotten more than our money's worth for all the help we received and avoiding potentially costly mistakes."

Elisabeth Beresford-Wood

Post falls, Idaho

"Working with College Funding Systems has been an incredibly helpful experience. Before working with Chris, our family was very overwhelmed and had little to know idea where to begin our college journey. With the assistance from Chris and the rest of the team, my daughter was able to find which colleges she would be best fit for and helped us develop a financial package that was just right for our needs. Thanks to College Funding Systems and specially Chris Gray, we can move forward with a confident college decision and be financially prepared."

Crystal Lewis

Associate Project Manager, Avista Corporation
Spokane, WA

"Working with Chris at College Funding has been a pleasure. Trying to tackle the very daunting tasks of college applications and essays, financial aid, and understanding the whole process was overwhelming.

Chris was very positive and stepped right in and guided us through the process, taking care of us the entire way through high school graduation, college selection, understanding financial aid, and helping prepare us for the financial aspects of higher education. Knowing we have a plan and Chris's support for the current and upcoming college years gives us peace of mind and is priceless.

Thanks again Chris for your guidance."

Tim and Connie Wood

Both Teachers
Rathrum ID

"We were concerned about paying for our son's college education and still be able to have some money for retirement. Stuart answered all our questions at a college seminar we attended locally. He helped us re-direct money we were spending to start an excellent financial plan to pay for college. Now we are encouraged and hopeful in what the future has for us financially."

David E. Lytle

Everett, WA

"Stuart Grossman and his associates have been a huge asset to me and my family. With three daughters in three different colleges at the same time and each school having different requirements has made having Collage Funding System on my side an absolute requirement. Stuart and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, and have made my FAFSA experience tolerable. I have had many questions and issues with the schools, and Stuart and his staff have pulled me through each issue, and my girls and I are all the better for it. The service that College Funding has offered has been well worth the cost and I would highly recommend them to anyone facing the challenge of paying for college and all the red tape associated with completing the FAFSA."

Rex & Chris Kerbs

Teacher & Para-educator
Auburn, WA

"Stuart Grossman and the team at College Funding Systems are a welcome asset for families as they deal with the rising costs of a college education in today’s world. They are very knowledgeable about all of the aspects of a student entering college; from academic advising and selecting schools to developing financial plans. They developed an individualized plan for us that avoids huge amounts of debt for our family and for our student. Now, as our daughter has completed her freshman year of college, the plan is working smoothly and successfully. Everyone in the office has been helpful and friendly, whenever I called with questions and needed help or assistance. My wife and I have the peace of mind that we are on the right track, with one daughter in college and another daughter entering college in two years. Thanks Stuart and the entire College Funding System team!"

Chris & Jacqueline Devries

Casper, Washington

"With this being our first experience shopping for a university, College Funding made the overall journey a lot less intimidating. With their knowledge of funding, we were able to add schools to our list that would have otherwise been considered unaffordable. Thanks to College Funding our daughter is going to her number one choice school, out of state and private for roughly the same price as an in state public university. College Funding also made filling out the FAFSA easy and stress free."

Spencer Donnelson

Student at Gonzaga University
Spokane, WA

"A Savior through the Storm" - College is one of the greatest experiences during some of the best years of one’s life. However, while it’s full of new people, a taste of independence, and the thrill of being exposed to the real world, there are some heavy stressors that go hand in hand with the fun. This includes the burden high school seniors carry a majority of their graduation year, uncertain of which university will be the best fit for them. And with the commitment deadline lurking closer each day, they and their families are going in blind with no sense of direction in regards to money, finances, and frantically making sure every available scholarship has been accessed. Luckily, these difficult aspects can be tamed into structured plans with no uncertainties as to what college costs will look like for you and your student throughout this college odyssey. College Funding Systems has the knowledge, skills, and all-around genuine team members who will walk with you every step of the college process to control and carve a clean route of travel which is custom to every family they work with. They are the savior in this storm of hectic decisions, numbers, and time."

Al Hodges

Police Officer
Lakebay, WA

"Stuart GROSSMAN showed me how I can pay for my child’s college and save money when I thought, “No way can I find extra money for this”. Well Stuart did it! I now save about $1600 a month and I can pay for college, wow! Thank you Mr. GROSSMAN I look forward to working with you while we get Nolan through school."

Mike & Linda Fay

Physician’s Assistant
Seattle, Washington

"College Funding Systems takes the guess work out of the college application and financial aid process, making it easy to focus on what's important... my family's future!"

Dan & Lori Veloski

Law Enforcement | Para Educator
Spokane, Washington

"College Funding Systems opened up an opportunity to look at colleges we thought were out of our price range. Our daughter attended Seattle University for the same price as what it costs to go to a state college. She was also able to spend a semester in Italy studying abroad and we even had enough funds to go visit her! College Funding Systems helped us thru the entire 4 years. They were there for us whenever we had questions or needed help. Simply put, we couldn't have done this without them."

Keven & LeAnn Winter

Teacher | Dentist
Everett, Washington

"Not only has College Funding Systems smoothed the way through the college financial aid process, but they have helped us establish a plan to pay for college in a comfortable manner while being able to continue saving for our retirement."

Craig & Amy Gracyalny

Radiologist | Teacher
Spokane, Washington

"College Funding Systems guided us through the college financial aid process and took care of all the details. Thank you for making the transition from high school to college so smooth and easy!"

Tedd & Sandra Vogelman

VP/Owner of SFB Specialty Food Inc | Travel Agent
Spokane, Washington

"My wife and I would like to recommend Stuart Grossman and the College Funding Systems. His program has provided much help in outlining all the steps necessary searching for the proper schools for both our daughters. Having graduated from college some 40 years ago, it appears much has changed. Mr. Grossman showed us many college financing options we were not familiar with, and helped us align our financial statement that showed true value. The program not only helped find the best fit for the schools that matched our wants and needs, but also formatted a strategy for acceptance to said schools. The College Funding System made the daunting task of finding a college education a pleasant endeavor."

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