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Is Community or Junior College the Right Choice?

With the skyrocketing cost of college, many families are tempted to send their students to lesser schools.

If the student hasn’t done well in high school and is receiving only average grades, a Community College or Junior College could be a good alternative.

Community Colleges have many good two year programs to teach the student good skills to further prepare them for future jobs. Also if students are not committed to working hard to go to a four year university, a two year Associates degree is a good alternative.

However, if you student has done well in high school, with a B average or higher and they are committed to working hard and doing well to get their Bachelor’s degree at a four year university; we feel they should do everything they can to go to a four year university after high school graduation.

It they go to a community college first, we have seen many instances where they never move on to a four year university to get their Bachelor’s degree. The odds are much higher to go directly to a four year university where they are living on campus, surrounded by other students who are studying hard know and are in the proper program to succeed. Plus, by working with our company, you’ll discover that your family will be able to save money in ways you’ve never known, to pay for college.

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