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How To Pick The Right College

The cost of a college education for four years is high enough. When you add on that fifth year, the cost not only rises by 25% of what you expected, but takes an emotional toll as well.

It is incumbent upon us as college advisors, along with the parents, to help children determine the most appropriate school for their needs. If the wrong school is chosen, or the wrong major is pursued, students often transfer out after the first quarter or semester, revert to the community college path, and then re-apply to a four year school. Not all previously earned credits may be accepted at the school; thus the cycle of five years, instead of four, materializes.

College Funding Systems can help. College Funding Systems has the resources that can guide your child find the best school for him/her. Whether academics is his/her focus, athletics, geographic needs or religious preferences determine their selection, we can assist.

The average tenure in college for the public school student is over five years and private school student is over four years. Many parents shy away from the private schools because of the cost. However, ask us about the difference in aid along with the encreased endowment funds, couple with the difference in the personal attention students receive at a private school, and we may be able to save you the cost of that fifth year.

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