Jon Terry

Client Services Manager

Hello, my name is Jon. I was born in Portland, OR, and grew up in Walla Walla, WA. I am one of 12 children and an avid volleyball player. I obtained my associate’s degree with honors from Walla Walla Community College, the number one ranked junior college in the nation at the time. I then transferred to Eastern Washington University where I finished my philosophy degree and a second degree in business administration.

I enjoy my job with our company for a variety of reasons. Perhaps most importantly, I enjoy my job because of the people I work with. In my personal and professional life, I value loyalty above all else. I have the privilege of working with a team of people who go above and beyond to empower me to help our clients to the very best of my abilities. Yet another reason why I enjoy my work is our clients. With our company, I get to be a part of a team that helps families matriculate; we are all aware of the impact that has on the individual, family, and broader community. Ultimately, I am a part of a team whose mission is focused on helping people in a meaningful and impactful way. What more could I ask for?

Finally, I would like to thank you for contemplating our services. I know firsthand how onerous the college process can be. We won’t ever pretend that it is easy, but I promise you that we will try our best to make this process as understandable and smooth as possible. Speaking for the team here at College Funding Systems: Grossman & Associates, we are excited to partner with you!

Jon Terry, Student Services Advisor

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