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Portland, Oregon

Before working with College Funding Systems our family was feeling quite anxious about the college application process and worried about how we would afford our son's tuition. We also have a unique experience in that I have recently gone back to school as well, so we'll have two people in our house in college at the same time.

Within the first couple weeks of getting enrolled in the program, our worries started to diminish. It's definitely still a large and intimidating process but having someone on our side to guide us and answer our questions really put us at ease. The test prep materials were also quite helpful for our son; his SAT score went up over 100 points after he completed the prep, and it put him in the top 25th percentile for the schools he applied to.

I'm so glad we have been working with College Funding Systems because it has given us more financial stability than we had before. Even with one of us in school in addition to our son, my partner and I are more knowledgeable about how to invest and save our money, and we feel more in control of our future than we did before. We have a solid plan in place not just to pay for college, but also to have funds set aside for other spending adventures we might take on in the future.

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College Funding Testimonials

College Funding Testimonials

What folks have to say about College Funding Systems!
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