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What folks have to say about College Funding Systems!

Engineer / Parks and Recreation Instructor

Auburn, Washington

We attended a seminar to learn about College Funding Systems because we knew we needed help with the process of getting our daughters the right education. The two biggest reasons for us to seek help was to get scheduling discipline to keep us from missing any important milestones and deadlines, and to learn what vehicles were available for financing. Stuart Grossman and his team were with us every step of the way. Our family was provided counseling and tools for choosing careers and schools, preparing for SAT exams, applying to colleges, and even advice on writing good essays. The assistance for FAFSA preparation relieved us of a lot of stress.

Our first daughter was accepted into Boston College, and our out-of-pocket expenses after financial assistance are not that much more than we would have paid for attending our state school. Now our second daughter is getting ready for her journey to college. We would recommend Grossman and Associates’ College Funding Systems to every parent who wants to make a good college experience a reality for their child.

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College Funding Testimonials

College Funding Testimonials

What folks have to say about College Funding Systems!
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