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Portland, Oregon

Before working with College Funding Systems our family was extraordinarily concerned about figuring out the best way to actually pay for college - where will all this money come from? We also felt the entire system has become much more complicated than when we went to college, making the need for specialized advice much higher in our circumstances.

Within the first two to three months of getting enrolled in the program there were some very specific things that improved in our family’s life. We felt we were given very helpful information, with real specifics as to what we were facing and how our kids could benefit from this program. There are so many avenues of support within College Funding Systems' plan.

I'm so glad we have been working with College Funding Systems, because today our family’s life is set on a course where we understand the plan and what we need to do to pay for college. The support from Chris has been stellar and we are looking forward to continuing this journey.

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College Funding Testimonials

College Funding Testimonials

What folks have to say about College Funding Systems!
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