Our College Funding Advisors

We have assembled a top notch team!

Stuart Grossman, President

Stuart Grossman

Chief Executive Officer

As President of College Funding Systems and Grossman & Associates Financial Services, Inc. He can help you maximize your financial aid, and he can help you craft a strategic plan that can help you pay for college without massive debt and without sacrificing retirement savings.


Chris Gray


We help families legally and ethically position themselves to get as much financial aid as possible. In these tough economic times, this has been a valuable resource for families.


Phil Serjeant

Chief Operating Officer

Hi, my name is Phil. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and have since lived in Oregon, Alaska, and Washington. For the last two decades and more Washington state has been home. I attended Cornell University’s School of Labor & Industry, as well as the DDI Executive Leadership Program.

Jon Terry, Student Services Advisor

Jon Terry

Client Services Manager

I enjoy my job with our company for a variety of reasons. Perhaps most importantly, I enjoy my job because of the people I work with. In my personal and professional life, I value loyalty above all else. I have the privilege of working with a team of people who go above and beyond to empower me to help our clients to the very best of my abilities.


Ike Bircher


My mission is to help families better their futures! Our team works with integrity and honor to ensure trust and satisfaction. I promise to bring expert problem-solving and top-of-the-line solutions for you and your family. I look forward to working with you in the future!


Anjeanette Sausedo

Student Aid Coordinator

I feel as though my compilation of experience affords me the ability to provide quality support to our clients. Additionally, my experiences drive me to continually improve upon the level of quality information and support imparted during each client interaction, which in turn increases the successfulness of our students.


Amelya Nobles

Financial Services Processor

Here at Grossman and Associates, I get to do what I love for a living – help others! Helping others has always been paramount for me. The fact that I can help our clients attain their dreams and sometimes even push past their goals, brings me immense joy.


Amy Laughlin

Administrative Assistant

Let us help you wade through the nightmare of paying for college and saving your retirement. While we’re helping you, we’ll also work with your kids through college preparation and admissions. The success of your entire family is our goal.

Kathy Steblaj Student Counselor

Kathy Steblaj

Student Counselor

As a counselor, I was the Running Start Coordinator and gained expertise in college preparation, selection, application procedures and scholarships. I pride myself on being a “student-centered” counselor and find helping students very rewarding.

Advisor Britany Phillips

Britany Phillips

Student Counselor

I find it truly rewarding to help students discover their college and career goals and make it a priority to get to know each student’s strengths and interests. I hope to have the opportunity to work with your student(s) as they maneuver through the sometimes overwhelming process of post-secondary planning.

Advisor Charles Spencer

Charles Spencer

Student Counselor

Being able to work with students in a manner that I am accustomed to is very rewarding. However, I have also enjoyed the opportunity to work with the rest of the family as well. You may not have all of the answers at first, but our team prides itself on being a reliable resource for college preparation and decision making.


Christy Laman

Student Counselor

The best part about working with my students is discovering things alongside them. I love helping them discover their strengths, interests, and passions. Helping your student towards success is what I am here to do.