Naveen Kang

Financial Services Processor

Hello, my name is Naveen. I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Born to two immigrants, I grew up in a small family with an older brother. Growing up in a small family of immigrants taught me a number of things. It taught me the importance of family and that you need support to go through life. Ever since I could remember, I’ve been a huge sports fan! Both as a spectator and as an athlete, sports has been a family bonder. After spending most of my life in my hometown, I decided to see what else was the world had to offer. In 2020, I moved to Washington State. It has been a blast that I have absolutely loved!
I am grateful and love what I do here at Grossman & Associates for many reasons. First and foremost, I am a people person. The opportunity to develop a personal connection with the people I work with is a personal motivator. Being a part of a team where everyone puts their best foot forward, is available to help (no matter the issue), and is solution oriented is incredibly encouraging. Being a part of solutions every day for our clients is also incredibly fulfilling. Knowing the importance of family, I try to put myself into the shoes of the families we help. Providing peace of mind during stressful seasons and helping prepare for the ones to come is important to me. My family certainly could have benefited from a service like ours when I was growing up. It’s my personal mission to help our clients be in a better position because of having worked with us.
Ultimately, I am a part of a team who helps encourage and drive me to help our communities and families in a meaningful, enduring way. Lastly, thank you for trusting us as a partner for your family’s future. Times can be challenging (and seemingly unending) but we promise to have your back. We will work hard to guide you through the challenges with a degree of ease and comfort. On behalf of me and my team, we look forward to partnering with you and your family!
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