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Valleyford, WA

My wife and I were essentially adrift about how to plan for all the things that needed to be put in place regarding our daughter’s desire to go onto college. She had done the hard work as a great student and athlete in her high school career, and we wanted to help her as best we could. A real stroke of luck happened when I decided to attend an informational meeting about FAFSA and what college hopefuls need to know to embark on their journey in that direction..

As the presenter, Chris Gray was clear, easy to follow, and truly helped me understand the importance of taking charge of planning for our daughter’s future. I have always been the suspicious one when it comes to the motive behind this kind of presentation like they might be wanting to sell us a timeshare. However, the information was precise, the invitation was to attend further conversations regarding our daughter’s plans, and with my wife joining me at the individual meeting with Chris, we mutually felt like we found a knowledgeable guide to lead the way through the morass..

We are both teachers, my wife, a private school teacher, and my teaching Art part-time. As such, financing our daughter’s college plan was certainly intimidating, to say the least. To make a financial commitment to help with the planning stages was also difficult, first to trust, and secondly to pay for. Surprisingly, we found Chris’s information and directions so helpful, that it was clear we made a sound financial decision to rely on College Funding Systems..

Our daughter has been very good about maintaining good grades through her diligence to her homework and studies. My wife, as a 2nd Grade teacher, is either sleeping, teaching, grading papers, or working in her classroom, getting it ready for the upcoming season. As a part-time Art teacher and with another career as a professional artist, I couldn’t imagine taking on anything more, especially something as involved as doing Financial Aid Forms, college applications, and all the rest. In the first couple of months, we came to fully trust Chris and College Funding because they did what they promised in timely and complete ways, and kept in touch with us regularly about what was being done and the next steps that we needed to take..

Chris provided us a lifeline, and his professionalism and thoroughness have given us as much stability as one can have to help their daughter leave the nest. We paid for and received that professional help. It wasn’t inexpensive, but it certainly has been a bargain! Chris gifted us with peace of mind in doing all this!.

Student Graduates: 2020 – Grand Canyon University

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College Funding Testimonials

College Funding Testimonials

What folks have to say about College Funding Systems!
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