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What folks have to say about College Funding Systems!

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Snohomish, Washington

As a single parent I was concerned and anxious about the process of navigating two FAFSA submissions for my daughters and the completion of the forms. I met the College Funding Team with Grossman and Associates in 2015, at my daughters’ high school. I was very impressed with the services they had to offer, and the information they provided about planning for college.

After enrolling in the program, an enormous amount of pressure was eliminated, knowing I had the support and skills of a professional team to assure my FAFSA documents were properly completed and submitted within days of the October 1st enrollment period. With my financial situation I was overwhelmed with the desire to submit my application as quickly as possible to hopefully provide me the opportunity to acquire as much financial assistance as possible.

Chris and his team at Grossman and Associates, exceeded all my expectations. They provided a service that I would highly recommend to my family and friends. I personally would like to say THANK YOU, job well done. Your efforts have allowed my girls to attend their number one college choice.

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College Funding Testimonials

College Funding Testimonials

What folks have to say about College Funding Systems!
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