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Stuart Grossman


As President of College Funding Systems and Grossman & Associates Financial Services, Inc. He can help you maximize your financial aid, and he can help you craft a strategic plan that can help you pay for college without massive debt and without sacrificing retirement savings.

Chris Gray

Vice President

We help families legally and ethically position themselves to get as much financial aid as possible. In these tough economic times, this has been a valuable resource for families.

Jon Terry

Student Services Advisor

I enjoy my job with our company for a variety of reasons. Perhaps most importantly, I enjoy my job because of the people I work with. In my personal and professional life, I value loyalty above all else. I have the privilege of working with a team of people who go above and beyond to empower me to help our clients to the very best of my abilities.

Kathy Steblaj

Student Counselor

As a Counselor, she was the Running Start Coordinator and gained expertise in college preparation, selection, application procedures and scholarships. She prides herself in being a "student centered" counselor and finds helping students very rewarding.

Jaimie Brady

Student Counselor

With over 10 years experience in Business Education and Career Guidance at the high school and college levels, I have a passion for helping students reach their career and college goals.

Aaron Alteneder

Student Counselor

College Funding Systems is truly a powerful and unique organization. Our organization’s knowledge of the college process – from high school through undergrad – and how to strategize every step of the process to benefit the student and their family, is without equal. Until I found CFS, I had never dreamed that it was even possible that my family’s “out of pocket cost” could be less at a private college than a public college!!

Mariha Holdridge

Administrative Assistant

I enjoy working for Grossman & Associates because it gives me the ability to help families and students with all their educational needs. I also enjoy having the ability to meet new people on a daily basis and work with one of the most professional teams in Spokane.

Anjeanette Sausedo

Administrative Assistant

Given my diverse personal and professional background, I feel as though my compilation of experience affords me the ability to provide quality support to our clients. Additionally, my experiences drive me to continually improve upon the level of quality information and support imparted during each client interaction, which in turn increases the successfulness of our students.

Cherry Vinoya

Administrative Assistant

With my experience working in higher education I am prepared to help our clients navigate enrollment and financial aid. The process can be overwhelming but it’s our mission to help our clients get through as smoothly as possible.

Rachel Dolle

Administrative Assistant

I wish I had better access to resources for help selecting majors, schools, and career paths when I was going through the process myself. A program like College Funding Sys-tems would have given myself and my family much more confidence and stability during the college process - especially in regards to financial aid.